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Children love to come to see me. The room is inviting and filled with curiosities. I provide a space where the children are free to express themselves and their concerns. The atmosphere is calm and they are provided undivided, caring attention. Energy consumed by conflict and worry is freed up for further development.

Many parents feel that their children “will just grow out of it“ which is unfortunate because it is often not the case and they miss a good opportunity when the children are younger and more open

to come and play, which is their way of working out the problem. It is also not well known that headaches, stomachaches, bedwetting and soiling pants can be an indication for childhood psychological upset.

Please see Sandplay.

I work with children who suffer from emotional distress. Some examples may be:

Loss of a loved one

Difficulty adapting to transitions

Low self-esteem

Difficulty in controlling emotions

Being socially withdrawn 

Aggression towards others and/or oneself

Worries or insecurities

Difficulty going to school

Disturbed sleep patterns (frequent nightmares)

Changes in appetite

Difficulties with relationships

Family transitions


Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children V Edition (for children 6-16). It is good to know if your child's school performance is in accordance with their abilities. When they are not aligned, this can be an indication of a learning difficulties or highlight other problems such as distraction due to worry. It is also interesting to assess where the strengths and challenges of your child lay so that they can learn to navigate through life using their strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.

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